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"Tok Abah tunggu kakak balik tau?"

I asked him to wait for me, till I come back to Malaysia, with a degree from McGill.
He didn't. He couldn't. Because God loves him more.
Tok Abah, my dearest grandfather, who was deep in pain, had returned to Him, The Creator, on March 8, 2018 at 5.10am Malaysia time.
While in Montreal, it was 4.10pm on March 7, 2018 (it was still his birthday)
The day he turned 71.
I remember his exact reply when  I told him at the airport last September, to wait for me to come home.
He smiled. He said, only God knows.
Indeed. Only God knows.
Tok Abah, it breaks my heart every time I think about not being able to see you anymore.
I cry every time I think about your jokes, about your story, about the drinking milo, about eating roti canai.
Because the first roti canai that I remembered having was made by you, the best maggi was cooked by you, and the best joke was told by you.
But I know you're in peace there, since you've returned to Him.
I'm glad that you're no longer in pai…

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