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How are you, Atok?

I lost an important person in my life, my Atok. He's my maternal grandmother, who had lived his life in KL for a long time,  but he was born in Malacca.
He has left us for a week, and a week before that he was already admitted to the hospital because Doctor suspected him to have intestine cancer, but it turned out to be just ulcer, but he recovered and got to go home.
On a Saturday morning, he called for my aunt's help cause he needed to go to the toilet and after going to the toilet, he sat on a chair and he became weak out of sudden.
So they made him lie down, asked him to recite the shahada and the next thing they knew was, he's not there anymore. He had returned to the Almighty, the Creator and left everyone in tears.
Because of the 12h time difference, I received the news at 1.00am. Who would call me at 1.00am? Mom did, and she was crying and crying, I was shocked but I had to calm her down and I had to calm myself down.
I thought I could be the strong girl here, I w…

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