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Tok Abah is hospitalized and Tok Mak wants me to be the Prime Minister

If you read my previous post, you already knew that I'm kinda in an unstable condition.
On Thursday night, my uncle told us in the big family whatsapp group that my tok abah is warded.  That's all, no explanation, nothing. Tok abah is such a strong man, he doesn't fall sick very easily, so having to know that he's warded obviously causes the whole family to be in a chaotic situation. Mom and dad (and Ina) booked an emergency flight back to Semenanjung, all aunties and uncles rushed from KL to Melaka, life was pretty hectic.
I had no choice but to bug everyone asking for more updates, At the same time, I had a report due that midnight and a quiz to study for. I talked to Atika (my sister) about it cause we're the only twos that can't be there when the drama is happening.
We both came to a conclusion that we both are scared to read the messages on whatsapp on every morning because anything can happen when we're away. That's the drawback of studying abroa…

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